Amazon Fire Phone – Not the Ideal Shopping Partner

The Amazon Fire Phone was created in order to help shoppers. However, the Firefly scanning feature is more useful when searching for information. Now, the concept of Firefly is pretty smart: it is supposed to help users keep a track of items they see offline and then go on the Amazon website and purchase them.

The Amazon Fire Phone has a side button. This has to be presses while pointing one of the six Amazon cameras towards the bar code or the label of the product. The feature can be used to spot food items, books and even films. The mike can be used to recognize various song and television productions. After the user identifies the item, he/she has to make a swiping movement on the screen in order to find the product on the corresponding Amazon website. A few taps, and the product belongs to the user. The Fire Phone owners also receive an Amazon Prime membership for an entire year, so products are delivered free of charge in just two days.

The Firefly is pretty accurate, though it makes some mistakes. It might get the wrong size of the product or the wrong flavor. The application is more efficient if the user scans the bar code and not the label. But mistakes might occur even so. Thus, such inaccuracies might confuse the buyer and make his/her purchasing decision more difficult. Another problem of the Firefly features is its slowness. A user might have to point the phone’s camera towards a product for several seconds. This might seem pretty suspicious to other customers and to the shop assistants. This might discourage certain phone users. Since most people are not accustomed to the Amazon Fire Phone yet and to its Firefly features, most phone possessors make use of the scanner with discretion, which is not comfortable at all while in a crowded shop.

Plus, buyers can search the web for the prices of the items they want to buy. They do not actually need the Fire phone. Moreover, Amazon has applications functioning on iPhones, Windows Phones and on Android. The versions functioning on Android and iOS phones allow users to scan products in a similar fashion to Firefly.

The Firefly feature is handy for additional information. It functions in connection with IMDB, television databases and some other applications belonging to other companies. The feature can be used to scan restaurant menus, business cards and various items which have QR codes. A user can fins out addresses and phone numbers which might turn out to be pretty useful later on. Songs, films and television programs can be identified by means of the voice recognition technology.

However, the Firefly would be handier if the user did not have to point the phone camera towards various items and products for seconds in a row. It would be better to take a photo of the product and analyze it latter when out of the sight of suspicious vendors. This would also solve the problem of lack of internet when spotting the product in a shop. Moreover, a picture would definitely help the user to identify the item when the application is not capable of finding the suitable match.


Probably the Firefly will be more useful as the technology improves. It could be used to find out more about items in shops and stores.