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case did not improve. In March she suffered a severe attack of

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and hence the mere presence of nausea and vomiting was

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months a total absence of blood plates was noted when

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preserving continuity of its upper wall and blood was found infiltrated

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ly in order to ascertain how far they sanction the several pro

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endorsement and support. It came up to the last House of

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who for so many years acted as the honorary secretary. He

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and Defence is a medical practitioner of extended experience

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opposite the notch m the acetabulum which is situated at the bottom of

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judge whether the right portion or the left is chiefly impli

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the first regular graduate in medicine in this country to use

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per diem. In an experiment made on the youngest girl

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nelli musl have Par higher ralue as evidence of the immutability of

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the active fluxion. The special causative factors must be actively treated

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form of locomotion. Flexion whether as the result of painful joint dis

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systolic and diastolic the volume of the compressed artery will in

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suffering most of the lime from chronic engorgement of the lungs and

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crystals. At ordinary temperatures it is a transparent colourless

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must be regarded as pointing strongly to this organism as the

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most severe. The pain is more or less constant. The

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actually declined. However these figures are somewhat misleading as the

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too much turbinal tissue otherwise the filtering action of the

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was confined to the throat showed that the laryngeal condition

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public health rests with the medical profession. The Committee be

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In behalf of our common interests I crave your atten

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Articular Rheumatism. They seem to be distinct from each other though

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before health can be reHsstablished. The parallel therefore fails. In a

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correlate them with the epochal neuroses and the other bodily diseases