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Typhomalarial Fever. One hundred and thirteen physicians

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hepatised mass even when the exuded products are being absorbed

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Fig.. Actinomycosis showing the Skin sutured over the

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respiratory activity that the energy output seems to find a constant

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appears to be a frequent result of the long continuance of inflammatory

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Lerner D. Levy Merrill Muller Neish Reiter S. Scherlis Serra

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fever feldom follows intoxication. And a repetition of the ftimulus

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delicate conductors and to reserve it for the functional demands

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acceleration of the cardiac impulse. Double these doses caused

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blood stasis of capillaries of surface conjunctivae and

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The environment and surrounding conditions which include

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Eleonet and M. A. Collin found stenosis of the cervix to be a

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whether these latter cases are due to reinfection rather than a continuation of

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pounds and the solid portion one and three quarter pounds.

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ment. In consultation with Drs. Beaumont and Bothune the

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tion. Passing his hand beyond the presenting head he found

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or to continue the worthy parallel I have begun by a

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like the setting up drill performed for ten minutes twice a daj.

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attended the meeting of the American Medical Association at Atlantic