The Next iPad and Its Three Must-Have Elements

The iPad has lots of users world-wide who use the gadget to read their e-books, to surf the web, to watch video clips, to play games or just to listen to music. If you have a keyboard around, you can very well use your tablet to write hundreds of pages. To all these add the benefits of its slim shape and lightness.

However, there are still some aspects that the present iPad has not managed to cover. Lots of users hope that these problems will be history when the new iPad Air hits the market in autumn.

The Cover

The Cover 2 that Microsoft has created for Surface Pro version 3 is quite nice. It actually has touchable keys that are very handy for those, who spend hours and hours of typing and at the same time is has the sufficient amount of thinness to play the role of tablet cover.

There are users who have expressed their wish for the new Apple cover to be smart and have the advantages of a real keyboard. They also want it to be light, thin and to have a magnetic attachment as well as a prop up.

The Bezel

iPad users would like to see its bezel doing something more than just stay there while they are making maximum use of the gadget. A solution would be to support the swiping from the bezel in order to make a series of gestures that cannot be done now.

The bezel might move through the most recently accessed applications or help the user reach the applications that he/she access on a regular basis. Some users would not mind if Apple just took the bezel swipe the find so useful from the HP Touch Pad. It would be very handy to swipe the bezel on the screen from left or right.

The Accelerometer

Most devices nowadays are equipped with sensors in order to detect movements. In the majority of cases are used for games, but they can do a lot of other useful things. Users would find it very useful if the following iPad had a sensor to turn on automatically the tablet when it is picked up. Not to mention the usefulness of a sensor to turn the iPad on the sleep mode when the device is put down somewhere.

These three characteristics would definitely make any iPad more useful than it already is. Users always want and crave for more.