Nokia Lumia 635-What Should You Know About It?

The Nokia Lumia 635 is a good acquisition for those who want to try something else. For the price of 168 US dollars phone users can have a nice display with rich colors, a battery that lasts for more than eight hours and an overall good performance. It is true that in order to have this affordable price the producers had to make some concessions like the absence of a front camera and of the rear flash. But buyers will not spend their money in vain, since the phone has high class functionality.

Modern Design

The fact that the Lumia is a budget phone can be seen at a first glance. Most of the Lumia 635 have a white shell made of plastic. It is not as elegant as aluminum but it has the advantage of being functional and easy to hold. The back feels like a case not like some common rear panel.

This can be observed when the user wants to look at the battery. The back of the phone can be removed gently by wedging the fingernail between one sides of the phone and the shell. The cover is removes just by pushing it gently off the upper part of the smart phone.

The phone lacks the complex rear-camera of the Lumia 928, Lumia Icon or Lumia 1020. It has a simple camera with 5 megapixels. The Nokia logo is present having the form of a small circle located in the right corner at the bottom.

The button necessary to adjust the volume and the power are located on the right, but there is no camera phone. But it is not such a big omission considering that many users admitted that they had accidently pressed the button camera of the Lumia 928 and had filled it with dark and blurry snapshots.

The Back, Home and Search buttons are placed in the display. This might be a bit frustrating for users who prefer dedicated button. There is no camera in the front area, a lack that might drive away selfie enthusiasts.

The Lumia 635 is quite thick and heavy when compared with other smart phones. It measures 5.09×2.62×0.36 inches and it weighs 4.72 ounces. It is heavier than Alcatel One Touch Fierce (4.7 ounces) and Alcatel One Touch Evolve (4.8 ounces).

Facts about the 635 Lumia Display

In spite of being a budget phone Lumia has a wonderful display. The panel has 4.5 inches and the colours are extremely rich. Unfortunately, the display has quite a low resolution of 854×480 pixels and the viewing angles are not very wide. The screen has a brightness of 292 lux, below the usual average for smart phones which is 433 lux. However, it managed to surpass the 271 lux of Evolve.

Audio System

The Audio System is not very qualitative. Here, the user can see that he/she is actually dealing with a budget phone. The audio system manages to reach 80 decibels but unfortunately the phone has only one speaker. At maximum volume, the singers’ voices are a bit distorted. The clear snaps as well as the snares actually do not exist, although they are supposed to be there.

The Operating System Windows 8.1

The Windows Phone 8.1 is the operating system that makes the Lumia 635 functional. The upgrades brought a few handy features that look remarkably alike as the ones belonging to Android or iOS. The users have an omnipresent bar for status located at the top which shows information on battery life, available Wi-Fi networks as well as the time of the day. Swipe down the menu and you will gain access to the Microsoft Action Centre- a menu for rapid settings and notifications.

The shorts for the Action Centre can be customized with the help of the Settings menu. Thus, the user can have rapid access to plane mode, rotation lock and location. If the Back button is pressed for long, it presents all the applications that are opened at the time.

Lumia 635 Keyboard

The Lumia 635 is equipped with the word-tracing software that the other Windows Phones lacked. The Word Flow functions perfectly and it produces a blue line as the users drags his/her finger from one letter to another. The word prediction feature functions pretty and the word suggestions are quite accurate.

Let’s talk about Cortana!

With the Lumia 635, Windows has decided to introduce the digital assistant to its phones. Cortana help users and can even answer some of their questions. It’s nice and it is definitely a fun feature. Cortana can answer questions like which team won the Mets game or who is the current US secretary of the state. The answers are fast and more important correct. Obviously, more complicated questions like who is Emmett Till receive no answer from Cortana but there is always the web. Here Maps and Cortana can help users find their way in a crowded city or in a small town. It provides walking directions and traffic information.

The Application Store

Unfortunately, Microsoft has quite a small application store which offers around 240,000 applications. This is quite a low figure when compared with the one million applications to be found in Google Play and Apple Applications Store.

Not only the number, but also the quality of the applications is a problem for Windows. Thus, its store is missing extremely popular applications like YouTube and Snapchat. Tinder does not exist on Windows Phones and Instagram is available but only as a beta. Nonetheless, there has been made some progress with the Facebook, Roku, Uber and WhatsApp applications.

Applications available on Lumia 635

Both Nokia and T-Mobile have worked hard to solve the lack of applications with their own software. Nokia Drive offers users precise GPS navigation while HERE maps is excellent for pedestrians.

Nokia has produced its own version of Slacker, the Mix Radio, for music fans. The users can listen to the radio stations on the list or they can enjoy the mixes made by worldwide music experts. Mixes can also be downloaded for being used offline.

T-Mobile has created the My Account application which offers users important information on their accounts. There is also a TV application for people who do not want to miss their favourite shows and TV series. There is also the 3.99 US dollars service called Name ID, similar to the caller ID. This service shows the callers names even if they are no mentioned in the user’s contact list.

Performance Report

The Nokia Lumia 635 has a 1.2 gigahertz quad-core of the Snapdragon 400 type. Its Random Access Memory is of 512 MB. Thus, the phone is deceptively powerful. Swiping on the home screen and the applications opening is quite swift. The gaming performance is quite smooth but the too loose control of tilts might determine the users to tilt the smart phone to some extreme and unusual angles when playing.

The WP Bench benchmark used to measure phone overall performance the Lumia 635 has managed to reach a score of 262.26.  This is better than the Lumia 531, which has had a score of 178.08.

The Lumia 635 has storage of eight gigabytes and it also has micro SD which can be used in order to expand the storage capacity to 128 gigabytes.

Lumia 635 Camera and Camcorder

The Lumia 635 has a five megapixel camera, which cannot provide users with too many details and the colours might be a bit strange (either too vivid or too pale). The camera functions pretty well in closed spaces and can use the minimal light room to take nice and decent photographs. Unfortunately, there is no flash so the quality of indoor photos is limited. The video camera functions better and the videos are more qualitative than the photos.

The camera applications can be used for numerous manual controls and there is a nice radial interface which has different slides. White balance and shutter speed are only two of the settings that can be used. There are also tutorials for beginners. The gif-tastic Nokia Cinemagraph is present as well. The application allows users to shoot a video and then decide which parts should be motionless and which should be animated. There is also the Creative Studio with its eight photo filters.

The Glam Me is a very interesting application which has definitely been created for selfie fans. It has the capacity to smooth in an automatic manner the skin tones and to remove blemishes. There are also the editing tools which can be used in order to change photos even more. The eyes can be enlarged or shrunk and the face can even be slimmed down. But since there is no front camera the users have to use the rear shooter in order to take the photos of them. Fortunately, Glam Me has an auto-selfie mode which can detect a face positioned in front of the camera. The beeps emitted by the phone announce users that it is all right to take their picture.

Battery Life

One of the pluses of the Nokia Lumia 635 is its long lasting 1830 aAH battery. A user can browse the web, watch videos, edit photos, send emails, surf the net and talk for more than eight hours without having a dead battery on the course. The battery loses its energy after nine hours or so. Better than the 7:43 hours for a common smart phone.

Wi-Fi on Lumia 635

Wi-Fi calling is available on Lumia 635. Users can receive or sent the calls they want by means of Wi-Fi without experiencing any problems. But, if the user moves farther from the source, he/she might hear a signal that the call is about to be lost.

Final Review

The lack of the front camera and of the back flash definitely make the Lumia lose a few points but the price of 168 US dollars definitely gives it a few pluses. The Lumia offers its users a smooth performance, a powerful battery and a very nice display. It is true that the five megapixel camera is not something very special but there are a lot of camera applications to compensate this shortcoming.