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cured with the potassic bromide and a hearty meal taken at night
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the profession such as surgeons physicians obstetricians and
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MM. Cagny and Gobert have tried to make their dictionary
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our practical educators. No one is willing to doubt
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Dr. Henry Pierpont then exhibited a remarkable case of Saur
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portal canals there is also an infiltration with small round cells. These stand
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Of all those most likely to die when attacked by this disease the
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to believe that the condition is due to the reaction
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caused by the thickening of the capsular ligaments and fibrous adhesions.
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ally. Three years graded course recommended but not required. Quizzes are given by
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for eight or ten days drench with the tobacco mixture
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are concerned and all for their mutual profit or advantage and
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ludicrous answer given to Sir Guyer Hunter s question as to
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incidence of twenty years. These tumours show a tendency to progres
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motility making it a veritable organ of prehension. The Anamite
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the strain was thought to be contaminated with an organism forming
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man a great prop of the college and often President
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organ as one of the most satisfactory operations in sur
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and then gradually disappears. We had scarcely hoped to show
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sented in outline. The concluding part of the volume treats of
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Dr. Richard Mead whose courtly bust also the gift of our
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keratin coated tabloids from a curative point of view. Thtj
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however increased in violence and an arm of the foetus was
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grading and debasing to philosophy and insulting to philosophers.
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lieves in guaiacum resin basing his hypothesis on the hepatic stimulating
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there may be as we have before explained an increase of it.
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and celiac axis occurred in which there was no cardiac hypertrophy
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one of the most serious diseases with which mankind are afflicted pulmonary
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