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ments can be given without pain. The general health should be looked

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locating the leucocytes with the low power a count is made with the

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The tonsils were normal in size the throat hyperemic and covered with mucus.

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of which the so called thermometer fever is a well

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her a minute. We confidently appeal to Barnum and the

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record was taken Patient lies helpless with an appearance of

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brachial aponeurosis. Gerdy calls this process the liga

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the vomitUS. This patient presented well marked w bite lines extending

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FIGURE. CT scan of abdomen showing cystic lesion on lateral aspect

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of complement and amboceptor which are required to produce hemoly

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nostic and prognostic deduction that were made by the peculiari

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very rapid atrophy of muscles where their proper nerves

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meeting which he did a report of which he will present in due

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As to temperature. In previous lectures I have care

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peritonitis. These catastrophes may occur in acute or chronic

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are five full presentations viz the cranium or head the face breech feet

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discussed with admirable clearness and judgment by Peaslee. The

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In impacted stone in the ureter Colicky pain shoot

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and that the inner layer a is the mesoderm of the allan

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These remarks arise because I have during the recess had my

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timicalis cruentis referta eranL Post intermissiones paucorum dierum

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parations and other apparatus necessary to make him ac

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tion of his sex. And although he did not pass water

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tropical pathology are owing directly or indirectly to

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controlled for the time being but would recur without any apparent

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In the flax mills things were even worse. Heckling flax was and

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signs well and good but if not we must not exclude tumour from

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complainings of his female patients. If he is to be a