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cided to have occurred in a case I have already referred to
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6. Medical Treatment. — It may be said at once that astrin-
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results : Rigor mortis strongly marked; excessive lividity of the depending
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DoYON and Dufoitrt {Coinpf. rend. Soc. biol., 1923, 88, 1244) have dis-
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[h] Milk and Fruit Diet.—K milk and fruit diet has been found
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In 216 cases referred to at the conclusion of the paper improvement
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relief and perhaps with some hope of cure. Cancer is
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losses from professional liability excess insurance issued to members
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of morbid anatomy, evidence of aortitis has been observed by
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Morbid anatomy and pathology. The post-mortem examina-
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She suited all her movements, her facial expressions, etc., to
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against a rainy day perhaps, but, since they neither think rich nor act rich,
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when one considers the depressing effect upon the heart
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and shepherds who look after infected animals, butchers who skin them,
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impaired, should be improved by tonic remedies. Moderate open-air exer-
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in a few cases (periarteritis) ; in a few cases changes (sclerosis) were
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taneously or subsequenll5\ I am disposed to believe
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descending process could be relieved in many cases by
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thirty-four miles for burial in the adjoining county. Upon this infor-
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arm is secured by an especially devised, shape-conforming head-
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nervous system. The difficulty is not congenital, but comes on most
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Campbell sburg, for the prevention of criminal abortion.
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nosis as to the type of psychosis and a prognosis was
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The advantages which the application of cold has as a
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moved with difficulty and inco-ordinately ; the feet were
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above quotations from Chomel ? The reader has, doubtless, al-
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highest degree wretched, and they are the dirtiest of all the Hot-
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poorer class in the clinic at Cracow, Poland, only 38 per cent, exhibited
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reagent are placed in an evaporating dish together with from 10 to
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and of cancer-cells irom the epithelium of these tubes ; the tubes becoming
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and physiology suggested as sufficient. It is difficult ta
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appearance of well-marked medi-frontal elements. Id
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Per in, Glover, Lieut. -Colonel and Surgeon, Medical
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respiration ceased. The heart continued to beat, but the beats soon grew weak, and
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the nucleus, in the basal half of the cell, it has a denser texture, but
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following day ; three died— one on the spot, and two within a few hours.
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so that there is no tendency for the fingers to dent the edges of the
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This book seems to ns the best of its class that has
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A daily lavage with a 1 or 2 per cent, solution of sodium chlorid and a daQj
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That the disease may be communicated by means of fomites is unques-
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persons who had been living with others sick of that disease, but
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Waring, Madras Quarterly Med. Jour. 1860, p. 300. Cited by Roux.
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tion to being characteristic is a fair measure of the
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nized conservative methods of treatment, nor will it do away with excisions
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not, and that indeed it is improper to make any arrange-