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hours afterwards, and he died the following morning.

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cephalic idiocy ; (6) paralytic idiocy ; (7) cretinism ; (8) traumatic idiocy ;

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dilated sufficiently for the passage of any ordinary head.

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DeaUi from an Over Dose of Medicine. — In these anti-mercuria] days,

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Royal College of Surgeons, of which he himself was chosen to

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the very onset of the infection, some infants may be saved. Tepid

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If the obstruction is very firmly lodged, use the Belladonna

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seen. They may bleed freely, and death has even occurred

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of coagulation was completed. Lastly, wire was tried, as in

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It may be prudential to mildly infer that possibly some of our friends,

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propranolol and labetalol on renal haemodynamics at rest and during exercise in essential hyperten-

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chorea; or an imperfect form may occur in nervous women,

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illustrate two points of interest in connection with the hereditary development

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The proportion of these elements iu an average case

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are able to resist the destaining action of acids is be-

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say it is the province where the man lives, or where he studied, or wherever it may be. He

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described above have been called by von Pirquet and Schick the

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experience of most, if not of all, of you, will furnish records

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only were the schools without patronage from the government,,

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cases of which are certainly not uncommon, but of which the frequency in

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and attractive notion. We must, it would seem, regard the function of

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ing, is not amenable to anti-syphilitic treatment, it may be asked, not

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by the dry method, it existed at a hundred points —

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because the system is weakened and relaxed by the heat. This is

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study of the gas-content of milk without exposure to air.

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the nerve injured and the muscle involved. He directed par-

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conical in shape and surrounded by adhesions. Its walls are

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I prefer a mid-line incision, moderate Trendelenberg position, bladder

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velled the ocean at a rate exceeding that of ships — Arrival in England — in

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perature was 102.2°, pulse 88. Her mental condition re-

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