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examiners are appointed every year in the month of January. The

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Phthisis Bulbi and Artificial Eyes. A Clinical Lecture de

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or by making an incision into the aneurismal sac and applying

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wrung bandage with a moderate amount of flannel cover

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bacilli thrived and developed in a culture medium containing iodoform.

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cer is characterized by the formation of a mucous or gelat

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good results. The patient at fifty one years attends to her

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deaths that have occurred of late in the ranks of our professsion.

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of flesh amounts to about a half pound to one pound per week.

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are by no means rare the good effects of the operation

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apt to be first affected and the disease presents the bilateral type.

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Describe the relation of oxygen to combustion and to life

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things she should let the patient remain perfectly quiet

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