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and they are characterized by a gliding of one articulating surface

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grey and white of the spinal cord of a sheep that had

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these presented three grades of color the center whitish a reddish brown

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stand a trial. If at the time he is able to understand the

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Walker house surgeon relieved him with a catheter there was no

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A report of the committee which conferred with the Cleveland Med

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There was no difference in the severity of the early

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Medical School. The Ward blocks though connected by

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I confess to some confusion of thought after reading Sec

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cillus. The soil acted as a good filter holding back most

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The Upper Chenab Canal is under construction. It will

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to those bodies seeking to establish the provident system exclusively

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two or three years shouM bavc allowed slums misery and

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the meninges of the brain and cord may also be attacked.

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breadths to the median side of the anterior superior spine and thence

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administer them through the whole progresa of the fever and have

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cases and deprive the dying of home associations in their

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only a few minutes to live adrenalin was given along with calcium

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nancy in large ovarian tumours was sometimes impossible.

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men. This gas collects in such large quantities that the rumen paunch

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tion of these the reader is referred to works upon surgery and operative

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Hemorrhagic septicemia of sheep is characterized in acute

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amount about them. Free lying anthrax rods will be sur

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forms of purpura urticans with arthritis and colic Henoch s pur