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the present month. The disease generally attacked the head com

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physical signs of first stage of phthisis. Admitted March

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complete suppression of urine occurred and the tempera

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Autopsy. This showed swelling of Peyer s patches mesenteric glands and

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activity by taking the place of nutrient materials.

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istry of the substances involved in anaphylaxis and the chemistry of

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gastric function decreased growth of intestinal bacteria lowered intes

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tympanic cavity has been thoroughly cleared of all such

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ground and his body was at the same moment bent violently

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fibres forces them on down until they escape from the

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position given to them. This rigidity is described by the

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there is less danger from the agent than from the woman s sufferings.

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transverse presentation of the child. But it is astonish

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refraction in the planes of the several ocular meridians

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the right hand in the vagina. Should the fingers employed to elevate

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metabolism. Many are the causes which suspend rumination and

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found in girls ant edently to menstruation or on any

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to its circumference forming a coloured rim with a central

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of worms as he called them some of which he had brought

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this indication is met. The good results in any method depend upon

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I believe the treatment advLsed in the quotation to be

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Medical Record Philadelphia Medical News Canada Medical

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graphically the Beport appears well and is a credit to its pub

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few persons distinguished for great intellectual power who have been

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The longest period during which I have watched a case is in

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of about thirty thousand dollars the funds being provided

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tal and the marked death rate prior to five years ago.

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the salary of the medical officer Dr. Bushell was increased from f

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In regard to treatment no remedy is known and perhaps

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tients in terms which would do no discredit to the renowned