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tion of the stomach. The vomiting comes on some time after meals the

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with sweat he lies down and rolls from side to side the pulse

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mucosa and then increase in the secretion. In the severer cases the

zantac dosage for 15 lb baby

All the methods of anaerobic cultivation employed involved the

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ral arteries. Evidences of enlarged heart are usually present. Since

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changes which are to be regarded as exciting causes are

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the problem of soldier s heart It is a very wide problem almost

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lady heretofore in good health of about eight and twenty

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primary syphilitic lesions here are often insignificant short lived

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becoming wrinkled when old. The poison oak is apt to

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The principal fact worthy of remark in connection with this article

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Jones reduces left Colles s fracture in the following manner. The

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longer moves around but lies constantly on the ground.

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mastoid muscle does not lead to noticeable deformity. The defect however

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should be briskly rubbed with alcohol pledgets soaked with the

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present there must be some other pathological condition.

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laris supraspinatus infraspinatus and teres minor muscles

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It is a common remark that the older a man grows the

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L. Kilgore of Clinton county Indiana and in to Elizabeth Heath

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icommon in the severe cases which followed measles.