The Features that the new iPhone 6 should have

Probably the hardest challenge for Apple and its new iPhone 6 will be to level up to the customers’ expectations. The problem is if Apple will be able to top Android, the operating system running on many Motorola, Samsung and HTC gadgets. The high end phone market is no longer without competitors. It has been quite a lot of time since the smart phone market was truly changed by a product. In 2007, Apple managed to create a sensation with its iPhone, but since then all products have been more or less the same. The official presentation of the iPhone 6 is scheduled for the 9th of September 2014.  The new iPhone 6 will have a bigger screen but it should definitely have some other features as well.

Near Field Communication

The Android users have benefited from the NFC technology from some years now. It has offered the users the possibility to send data wirelessly or to pay for items bought. Although lots of Android gadgets have NFC, the technology was not present in the iOS ecosystem. The new iPhone 6 models are said to have incorporated NFC. There are also some rumors of the Apple e-wallet which would give iPhone possessors the chance to pay for various services just by tapping their gadget.

Storage Option of 128 Gigabytes

The expandable storage might still be a dream for phone users. However, there are lots of rumors indicating that Apple is working to produce a base model having a storage space equal to 32 gigabytes. It has also been rumored that Apple is going to present a 128 gigabytes version of the new iPhone 6.

Expandable Storage for iPhone users

The Achilles’ heel for iPhone is its limited storage space.  It is true that users can choose between the 16. 32 or 64 gigabytes versions but the growing size of the applications as well as the high definition content has determined a need for more space. Android gadgets do not have a problem with the storage space due to the micro SD slots, which allow users to expand the storage space to the size they want. The new iPhone 6 might not have this feature as well.

A Standard USB Connector

It is not very difficult to find an Apple lighting cable or an iPod cable. However, the situation might be much easier for possessors of iOS gadgets if Apple opted for a standard USB connector. There are few chances for this change to take place on the US territory. But, Apple might be forced to go for the standard micro-USB connector in order to comply with the EU legislation which entered into force in the month of March.

Customs Keyboard

Back in 2007, the customs keyboard were something really revolutionary when compared to the small button of the Blackberry keyboards. However, as time passed by and smart phones have become more and more sophisticated, customers wanted new keyboards. This led to Swype for gadgets functioning on Android. iPhone user will have the possibility to use customs keyboards when iOS 8 is launched this coming autumn.

An Improved Battery

Battery life is more important than some Si-Fi features. There are high chances for the 5.5 inch model of the iPhone 6 to have a better battery considering the leaked images which presented a 2915 mAh battery. It is believed that the 4.7 mode will be functioning on an 1810 mAh battery.

Sapphire Screen

There are lots of rumors about the new, indestructible screen made of sapphire crystals that will accompany the new Apple gadget. More and more users expressed their desire of having such a glass cover. However, rumors are quite mixed when it comes to the Sapphire Glass. Thus, there are analysts who claim that there are little chances for Apple to use sapphire glass at a very large level due to the high costs of productions. It has also been rumored that the indestructible glass might be used to produce only a limited number of units.

The new iPhone 6 is expected to have a display with higher resolution of about 1704×960 pixels which is definitely and improvement but it cannot rival up with the 1080 full HD resolution offered by Samsung and its Galaxy S products. The new Apple phone is expected to have something new for photo enthusiasts. Thus, it is said that iPhone 6 will come equipped with a 13 megapixels Sony Corp. The new models of the iPhone are said to have a more powerful processor of 2 gigahertz and d random access memory of two gigabytes. For a contract of two year the customers are expected to pay between 199$ and 299$ for the Apple gadgets. The new iPhone 6 models are going to be presented on the 9th of September.